“We Are Workers”: Inside the Push for a Freelance Workers’ Union

Mary Steffenhagen discusses the issues freelance media workers face in light of coronavirus and a capitalist job market.

Photo taken from The Freelance Solidarity Project on Twitter @FSP_NWU.

Publishing in a Pandemic

Special section about the effects of coronavirus on publishing, pulled together by the back matter team. 

Letter From the Editor

“Welcome to Back Matter.” – Taia Handlin

New York to Paris: Virus Trump-16 Keeps Spreading

Alice Aparicio discusses the birth of the french magazine America, and the influence of Trump across borders.

Rupi Kaur: Fauxetry or Brown Agency?

Fareeha Shah considers the expectations and stereotypes surrounding brown artists.

Andrew Luck is Lonely Out Here, Fellas!

Jessie Mohkami explores the gender gap in reading, and gives a case for male book clubs.

Taking on the Old White Guard: Graywolf’s Citizen Literary Fellowship

Cailin Potami tracks one solution to underrepresentation in book publishing.

Printing Clickbait with Byrd Leavell

Alexa Mauzy-Lewis examines the effect of social media on publishing.

back matter, n: supporting material that comes at the back of a publication, such as appendices, notes, references, glossaries.